Monday, August 25, 2008

Gristedes v. D'Ag v. Key Foods

As I alluded to in my first post, grocery shopping has become a high work endeavor with questionable ROI once time is factored in. I did my weekly shop at D'Agostinos yesterday but had to stop at Key Foods today to drop off my Savings Club form and I somehow landed at Gristedes. Trust me, it makes no sense to me either. On a rewards club note, I now have one for Key Foods and one for D'Agostinos. 

While in Key Foods I went to pick up a tub of their pasta sauces only to realise I didn't have any large pasta or meat at home since I had some leftover lox, a package of turkey and no intentions of making a meat-based dinner this week. Whoops. I looked at their prices for meat and said no thanks. I won't pay north of $5 for meat, I just won't. As I walked west to my apartment, I contemplated walking to the local Associated, but I wasn't sure whether or not it would be open. I knew Gristedes would be on my way, but as I learnt my first weekend, it isn't cheap.  Still, I figured I'd go in there just to price the meat.

Surprisingly Shady Brooks Farms ground turkey was on sale, only slightly more expensive than the Purdue ground chicken and healthier, to boot! Happy me.

In some senses, the incessant shopping around is driving me a little crazy. I don't want to pay to do the Grocery Game, but I really do wish there was a way to get a list of what is cheaper where. I look at prices for my staples, but I don't always remember them. I am good about carrying my coupon envelope in my purse so it's with me if I spot something. It really does pay to shop around because the $3.99 NutriGrain bars that I mentioned earlier? 4.99 at Gristedes.

I just really wish most of the coupon sites on the web weren't spammers. Is it that much to ask?

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