Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monthly Expenses: Overview

I'm waiting until the end of the month to post August's expenditure overview because I don't see the point in posting it on the 26th. I was going to post July, but that was exceptionally abnormal due to moving costs. August isn't normal because of dental, but I'm convinced I'm never going to have a standard month so might as well start somewhere. Future months can only look up from there.

This isn't a budget, but rather an overview of some monthly regular expenses. I'm still trying to get the big picture.

  • Rent: $1100, goes up to $1175 in October. My share of a flex 2BR. Includes heat and hot water.
  • Electricity: was $84.44 for July; don't really know what average is. Know it will go down in winter
  • Cable: was $59.25 in July- I think that's pretty well fixed. Again, don't know as I've only been in the apartment for six weeks.
  • Gym: $74.99- locked in through next June. It's key for my sanity and I make good use of it. There's also some reimbursement from my health insurance, but I don't know the exact amounts.

  • Geico - ~ $110 eight months of every twelve. I don't have my car here in the city but I do own one. I need to find out come January if this can get lowered at all. I wasn't able to when I went overseas.
  • E-Z Pass -like I said, I don't have my car but the trade off is I pay E-Z Pass in exchange for being on the Verizon family plan.

Where is it? It's Missing: or at least I don't account for it because I don't pay and/or see it
  • Transportation - my company pays for our monthly unlimited ride Metro Cards. It gets direct deposited into a Flex Account which is connected to a debit card that I use to purchase the card each month
  • Health/Vision/Dental - the latter two are free, I pay $25 for my health insurance each pay cycle so $50/month. It's pre-tax so I never see it.
  • FSA - $20/pay cycle or $40 a month - as above - pre-tax so I never see it.
  • 401K - think it's $150/cycle and therefore $300 a month but I'm not sure since there's some hiccup between our HR department and Fidelity that they're working on. I also don't have a current pay stub handy.
I'm missing stuff and I haven't even begun to touch on discretionary and superfluous purchases. This is a start and better than nothing.

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