Monday, August 25, 2008

Six weeks in...

While I had been commuting from the northern suburbs for some time, I officially moved in on July 12th. The biggest realizations so far:
  • grocery prices really do vary from store to store. It's worth it on the weekends to walk/bus to the different stores to get the better price. I get all circulars by e-mail but it's going to take some more time to learn the regular prices of things to know where to go for a given item. There's also the law of "just how far will I carry that" for things like a case of water.
  • I still spend far too much on eating out, whether that's lunch at work when I didn't bring lunch, dinner because I don't feel like cooking, Subway because of the Scrabble promotion, Tasti D-Lite for dessert, or what not, it's too much. This is likely to be the easiest place to save noticeable money.
  • Electricity in summer is evil!

On a not directly related but still wallet-impacting note, student loan consolidation is taking forever and once that's done, my monthly payments will go down. I'm going to try and screen grab Mint to get my August expenditures.

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