Thursday, September 4, 2008

$7.00 at the grocery store

I was good!

Key Food, one of the three supermarkets within spitting distance of my apartment, circulars run through Thursday. Somehow I neglected to look at it until yesterday when I realised there were some good deals, especially on things I needed. I was good and made a list of what I needed from the sale circular. It included some need nows: cheerios, weight watcher dinners, chop meat and some maybes: 2:1 on Tribe hummus, Welch's grape jelly, Arnold's bread.

I realised they were sold out of a lot of normal flavors and was about to get the rain check for the - 3/$7, regular price $4.49 when the manager had a stockperson find it. I realised w cheerios hile waiting that I didn't *need* any of the other stuff and walked out with only the cheerios. And that was with shopping while hungry!

Went home and made udon from the freezer with soy sauce. Soft on the teeth and "free" since I bought both some months ago. 


Frugal Duchess said...

Great post:

We use storebrand sandwich bags, salad dressings, pickles and mustard.

Some generic or private-label products taste/work/function as well as the brand names.

It's really product by product.

Living in NYC said...

Thanks, Duchess.

Pickles and sandwich bags, definitely. The seal is less of an issue there for short term. I'm not a big mustard eater so I can't judge that one here or there.

The one that I find differs the most by store/brand is soda. Some diet coke knock offs are great, others undrinkable.