Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Net Worth + 1,001

Wow, didn't expect that much of an increase. I think the numbers almost work now although neither my 401k nor my Roth IRA are factored in. It would have been better had I not had some rather large but necessary expenditures (more dental work) but I'm still happy with that. 

Expected issues this month:
  • more dental work (1 crown, 1 root canal re-treatment) whose coverage is uncertain. This is the first time I'll be filing with my new insurance.
  • Although I just charged the December trip, that will be paid off with the account set aside for that purpose so that will be a decrease but a planned for one.
  • Hopefully student loan consolidation will be complete to enable one payment that includes principal payment. 
I don't expect to incur any further debt and really want to begin paying this all down. 

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