Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Belated September Net Worth

Debts $ Diff% DiffHome Mortgage(s)$0$0-Other Mortgage(s)$0$0-Student Loans$61,171($829)-1.34 %Credit Card$16,928$4,02731.21 %Car Loans$0$0-Other$0$0-Total Debts$78,099$3,1984.27 % Net Worth
($63,817)($2,543)-4.15 %

Nothing there that really surprises me. I knew September was a bad month. I've actually put a good dent in that and am now on the pay-it-down stretch. The dental reimbursement helped and it's good to know I have ~$800 left to play with that will go toward reimbursement of the crown when that's done.

I'm glad to have a set starting point, I really am. Glad to have a final number for the student loans instead of guestimating and now I'm able to figure out what I have to pay there and how I can split the rest of my pay to pay down the two credit cards. $16,000 is a scary number there but not an unexpected one. Given that it wasn't much less than that before grad school and I did have to lean on the cards a bit, I'd have expected worse if you asked me this before I started school.

I don't show the assets side of this because it's not accurate. I don't have my 401k or Roth IRA in there. I need to sit and be better with Networth IQ on a monthly basis, not two weeks into the next month.

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