Saturday, November 15, 2008

FSA: Open Enrollment

This post over at fivecentnickel got me thinking...

This year I deliberately under-funded my FSA, or so I thought, because I was only eligible from June 1 and didn't want to leave money on the table. However it's November 15th and I've only used $70.45 and that's with recent over the counter cold-medicine purchases. I suspect I'll have to go on an OTC spree at the end of December to use this money up because even the two remianing co-pays on prescription aren't going to use it up.

That gives me no idea whatsoever on how to fund it for next year. I've found that I can't use it for dental treatment because there's never enough in the account to pay it via the Mastercard that's connected to the account and I'm uncomfortable with paying the pill and then hoping to submit it to the FSA when there is enough in the account.

I've spent $4,310 on dental care since June, and there was more earlier in the ear pre-Mint. There's also more to come via Crowns. $1120 of that was later re-imbursed via insurance but that's not a good measure as I hope not to need three root canals and two crowns next year either.

So In short, I have no idea what to do but I need to figure it out. Oy.

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