Friday, December 12, 2008

FSA Open Enrollment

Yeah I've been bad, both posting and spending. Or bad about not spending. 

Cancun was fabulous and I actually came in way under budget there, which was good. Yay. Christmas shopping is over budget and I'm not done. Since I have extra in the "Cancun fund", I may put that money towards it since it's not earmarked for anything else. I also payed an extra $110+ toward the principle for my student loan, woohoo. Baby steps.

We had a presentation this morning from our benefits reps and I found it to be worthwile. The main reason I haven't used up my FSA contributions is apparently that I didn't realise how it could be used i.e. co-pays and uncovered medical/dental expenses. So now that I know that, and I know what the dental bills I'm facing are (more on that in the next post), I think I've worked out how much I'm going to contribute. I found this calculator to be great for breakdown of what the tax savings, etc. will be.

Plus they announced today the grace period until March 2009 to use 2008 monies, which makes me happy. I was not looking forward to stock piling OTC meds to use up the monies.

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