Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fiscal and FInancial Diet Starting Now

While I'm actually semi-OK with the state of the emergency fund, I want to get more aggressive with paying down debt. I'm not OK at all with the state of my waist and I'm vowing to do something about that. Starting now.

I won't post the amount of my waist goal, but I will do for the fiscal budget when I crunch some more numbers. I swear that's all I've been doing in the last month as I was calculating watching refunds owed by my FSA. Ick. I really want to boost the emergency fund. I'm not worried about my job per se, but with the state of the economy, I'd rather have a bigger emergency fund since my consumer debt is 2.9% and 3.9% for life. I'm making above-the-minimum there because I want to retire them, but I think I need to snowball if I want them gone. 

Taxes are done and with my refund I'm going to replenish a recent loss on my emergency fund stemming from emergency car repairs, put a little more in savings, and then put the rest in my Roth IRA. Yes, refunds are bad, I get that, but I really am bad about calculating withholding especially as it relates to student loan interest, etc.  That said, my refund isn't large enough to retire a significant enough portion of the above-mentioned consumer debt, and I don't want to pay it on student loans in the event that something happens and I need it. 

So stay tuned... Hopefully.

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