Saturday, August 30, 2008

A reasonable Saturday...

especially given that  I spent the afternoon at a Yankees game. Face value of tickets, $55. Cost to me, $0. And I invited three friends to use the tickets (at the same cost) and in return, my soda, hot dog and frozen lemonade were covered. Transportation was included in my (work funded) monthly metro card so that was free too.

That said: pre and post game Diet Pepsis, $1.77 apiece at Duane Reade and a post-game sandwich from Subway with drink ($7.72). I need not to do that, but it's not the end of the world either. Cashier at Walgreen's chuckled at me yesterday because I was a coupon fiend, "Oh wait, I have a coupon for that. According to my receipt, I saved $35.72 between their advertised savings and coupons. And yes, I know that in the grand scheme of things these items were marked up by that same amount. Oh well. I bought only one thing more than I had on my list and that ( a bottle of oregano) was on my grocery list and was cheaper at Walgreen's. 

Didn't make it to the aquarium yesterday because of getting ot of the office late and having to go up to the Bronx to get the tickets from my mom, so I may go tomorrow. No free admission, but I may go to Coney anyway. We'll see. 

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