Thursday, August 28, 2008

An overview of spending...

So I found out that I could look at my trends going back to May 2008 in Mint and decided to play around a bit. I ended up pulling out May and only looking at the past three months because May was ridiculously out of sync with reality due to Beth's shower, graduation, etc. So I stuck with starting my post-grad life, aka June 2007.

June, rent and part of the security deposit paid in advance. $1,631 on healthcare was yet more dental work. That's with a discount with my student insurance. The work needed to be done, end of story. The $425 auto isn't truly auto, it's partially train passes which Mint doesn't appear to have a way to classify. By far, the bulk of my expenses. Not a terrible month but not great.
Balance of the security deposit plus some purchases for the new place, more train travel (last before having it completely covered by work. "Kids and Education" is my student loan payment and "Pets" is because Mint has pet grooming but not laundry. Odd odd.  Too much money on eating out, no excuse. Also in there is the cost of moving into the city.

August: couple student loans came out of in-school deferment, waiting on consolidation. Rent and utilities, a payment on my mattress, more dental work. Really, I can't complain about the bulk of my expenditures. It's life. 

So there's the big picture for three months. Not wonderful, but not terrible. I know I need to get the food costs down, figure out where the "No Category" is going. But overall, no surprises, which is a good thing.

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