Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shell Turkey Arrabiata?

aka an attempt to save some money on food this week. On Monday I bought a tub of arrabiata sauce and ground turkey (on sale and healthier than ground chicken). I got home late last night and decided not to make it. Oddly enough, I got fed up tonight with the Yankee game and ended up cooking tonight at 10pm, so go figure that one. 

After browning the turkey I decided I wanted something to go with it so I made 1/4 bag of pasta having learnt last time that a bag once cooked is a LOT of pasta.  Somehow all of our disposable containers have been disposed of and/or lost, so I enlisted the help of old soup take-out containers. Should be three meals, maybe four. Now let's see if I remember it tomorrow morning on the way to work.

Total cost of the meal? < $9 3.99 for the turkey, $3.50 or so for the sauce and .59 for the bag of pasta. Less actually since half of that is remaining. I just really wish I knew how to cook more/better since I get bored of this concoction quite quickly. Any suggestions?

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