Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The city has been promoting the idea of staycations and exploring what's here via the GoLocal program. To be completely honest, I've taken advantage of precisely none of it. I've had great plans to do so, but haven't. In looking at the weather for a couple of places I considered for this weekend, I think I've decided I'm finally going to take full advantage of my unlimited ride Metrocard and go the farthest I can, for FREE.

I'm combining that with one place I've talked about going, but haven't yet. Coney Island. I always knew it was summer when the commercials for Astroland Park would air. Remember Coney Island, the way it used to be. It's everything it ever was, and MORE! Coney Island's Astroland Park. Oddly, I've never been. At least not that I remember, my parents claim otherwise. I have an extra incentive, 2008 is Astroland's last season. I also saw a friend's photos and realised it's a lot prettier than I imagined. I can go Saturday (1 hr 12 min from my apartment) or Friday after work on our last Summer Friday (54-56 min) and take advantage of a coupon. Not sure I'm going to want to go on the rides or just walk the boardwalk, but it's a good option to have. Sunset looks pretty and to be honest, I don't know that I'd want to stay all day just to see it.

There's also the aquarium (pay what you wish after 3p Friday) with this cutie so I'm thinking that's a good Friday option. May go home for part of the rest of the weekend, not sure. Only guarantee is sleep, which has been in limited supply of late.

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