Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Current economy

Discussion with some friends about Friday plans and one said she was just having "Drinks in, gotta deal with the economy." A good thought. While this week's mess hasn't hit my industry directly, all of us in the city are starting to get hit indirectly. 

What should be done?

I can see the argument that buying lunch (and or buying groceries) are helping the local shops, especially those in my office building half covered by scaffolding. I swear, you can't see the construction-slowdown here. Everything is under scaffolding. 

I was good and bad in May when I got the stimulus check. It came right before graduation and I spent half on clothes for work and half went toward paying down debt. That said, I need to buckle down. I spent a lot on something I probably shouldn't have but won't regret. So starting next week is the physical and fiscal diet.

I just got the statement for my last root canal. $1440. On the plus side, I read up on my insurance coverage and I should get reimbursed. I need to submit the claim tomorrow and hope for the best. 

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