Monday, September 29, 2008


I have my salary set up so that 6%/paycheck gets diverted to my 401(k). I never see it, don't know it's gone mentality. However the roller-coaster that the market has been on for the last month makes me hesitate to physically make the decision/click to transfer funds to my Roth IRA. 

While I know losses will be recouped and I have time for my retirement, I still feel I'm better off paying off/down debt and making visible progress rather than having that investment wiped out when the stock market blinks. That said, I need to better research the funds that my Roth IRA are in. They've done essentially nothing since April 2007 when I bought in an uneducated manner -- i.e. broker told me to. Eek.

Also,  will be two months Sunday and my student loan consolidation is still in the cert phase. What.A.Mess!


Budgets are Sexy. said...

6% is great though, i congratulate you on that one! you're right, it just gets taken out an you never see it (unless you're like me and check it every day)

whenever i get raises, or know of future bonus', i try and raise my % so that i can continue living on the same's up to 18% now! haha..but there certainly are days i think about lowering it and seeing that money trickle in ;)

But def. good job! i know many people unfort. not contributing anything...

Living in NYC said...

18%, awesome.
I know I need to ratchet it up at some point to make up for some lost years, but I'm just trying to whack down the recent dental and move-related costs. I'm in awe of a co-worker who maxed his contribs for the year in June. I want that discipline.

I'm reading Suze Orman's "Young, Fabulous & Broke" and I love it -- it's in English.

I figure if we're contributing -- always a chance to gain. But if you don't 0-- yes no chance of losing more than you can afford but also no gains.