Saturday, October 4, 2008

A good week

apart from the stock market but we're not going there because everyone else already has.

I managed to bring my lunch three days this week and the evenings out were kept relatively cost-efficient. I did do some clothes shopping but those were pieces I planned out and will go with anything. They can also be dressed up or down so work and weekend. Oh, and they were all on sale with the exception of the ones at Wal-Mart and those were just cheap. 

My bulk shopping last week also kept me out of the grocery store, which is always a spending downfall.  I'm happy. I have some bits I need to get at the drug store this week but a) I have coupons b) I have some rewards certificates which cover $5-7 (depending on the store, I have both Duane Reade Dollar Rewards and CVS Extrabucks) and c) they should all be FSA purchases so "free" in that I never saw the money in the first place. I also need to make sure I use it all by year's end.

I need to make a run to the thrift shop. Get rid of a few pieces of summer clothes that I didn't wear this year and am not attached to. I think for the first time I might actually itemize on my taxes this year. There should be enough with the uncovered dental treatment, move and other donations to make it worth it. We'll see.

Oh and the 2.9% BT is done and I plan to pay off the transfer fee immediately so that the rest is pure balance and comparing apples to apples in terms of speed of payoff and interest paid on same.


Budgets are Sexy said...

oooh yeah, good call on the thrift store visit! i have a butt-load to give to ours here...just been lazy ;)

Living in NYC said...

I can't use the laziness excuse -- it's less of a walk than I take to the bus stop in the morning and while I don't quite *have* to pass it, I do 99% of the time. Plus I need the closet space :)