Sunday, October 5, 2008

Deal at CVS!

Not quite as good as profit-making rebates, although I do need to take a rebate check to the ATM later, I got a good deal at CVS today. On their weekly circular, Colgate MaxFresh with mouthwash beads was on sale for 2.99 and then you received two Extrabucks. Well I had two Extrabucks from a previous deal so I got the tube for .99 plus tax, or $1.07 and then when I printed off my receipt I got $2 more in extrabucks and then a further $3 off $15. Sweet. Came out ahead in this one.

Got the Scrubbing Bubbles rebate back. That was pretty quick given the antiquated process. I think I'm going to put the rebate into my Cancun fund since I've already paid off the credit card that I charged it to.  That and my recent lottery scratch-off winnings although I'm hesitant about depositing cash in an ATM.

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