Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Walgreens tally sheet (PDF) is out for the September rebates. Doesn't actually look like much I need although the $5 on 2 bottles of Pantene isn't bad. The Energizer rechargeable Double As isn't a bad deal, but I don't need two packs. Just need one set to replace the ones that lost their get up and go.

I love that Walgreens allows you to do it all online. So much simpler. I like the bonus on the gift card but I understand why that's not always a good deal. To me though, it's the same as Duane Reade Dollar Rewards or CVS Extracare--if you're going to be shopping there anyway, might as well take the bonus. On the note of drugstore shopping, the one generic I haven't been able to find-an equivalent of Act Restoring. I used to use knock-off Listerine without any problems, but my dentist recommended I switch to Act and they seem to have fewer knock-offs.

I just did the Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber rebate, makes me love Walgreens on-line one even more as this one was the mother of old fashioned rebates. Send the completed coupon (no copies accepted), original store receipt and UPC code. Eek.

But I guess if they were easy, they wouldn't be profitable for the companies

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