Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh the things to do with $12.24

aka petty cash reimbursement from cab fare home when I worked until 9pm last Friday. The logical thing? Deposit it and pay my AMEX since that's where I charged the cab fare. But even with the new "Deposit-Friendly ATMs" (which I did use, without issue, last week to desposit a check) there is no easy way to deposit 24 cents in cash and the time and effort of then writing a check from my Chase account to my Citi account is a pain in the ass. So that's not happening.

I would like to put it in my Cancun fund and this is feasible as there is currently a non-banked portion (in the form of scratch card winnings) in cash. I'm just not sure what I'm going to do with this cash. It's too much to be tips at the resort. I suppose I may find someone who actually goes to a teller and then have them write me a check but that seems so boring. Last year's Vegas fund was easier.

Of course I could just consider it a slightly net positive on the breakfast I bought this morning. I was starving and knew I couldn't make it to lunch so I went downstairs and got a wrap with lox. Not 30 min after, I went into a meeting where there was food. *Gah!* Not cool.

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