Wednesday, October 22, 2008

25 Frugal Things?

I was reading this post at almost Frugal and it really made me think. I don't have 25 things because I know I have a long way to grow. Some comments on her less-obvious things:

  1. I pay cash for big purchases like my new laptop. At least I’m trying to.
Well sort of. Apart from my emergency fund, I'm saving for Cancun in a separate account. While I'm not sure I'll be able to access the account due to Visa Debit but I know that if I do charge them, I'll be able to pay it off as soon as I return.

  1. I use MyPoints.
I don't. I used to. I don't like the spam. I do use e-Rewards and have joined Focus Forward after doing one survey for them and being paid $75.

  1. I canceled my last outstanding membership… to the gym.
This I won't do, especially with it getting cold and darker earlier here. Exercise is my sanity and healthy. I don't think it's that dire of an expense. I also think it would cost me more to get out of it. I think I'd find other things to cut first if it came to that point.

  1. I network. Not only have I met a lot of great people, I have made invaluable contacts which gives me access to good deals and opportunities.
Absolutely, and you never realise when those contacts will come in handy.

My own things:

  1. The once-a-month/six weeks trip to Wal-Mart has cut way down on grocery trips, a big money sink. I stock up on perishables when needed to supplement what I have.
  2. I'm not a fashionista. I'll wear clothes until they no longer fit and/or are totally worn out. Even on graduation I didn't blow a lot on new clothes, I did spent some of my tax stimulus on some needed new items but really, I'm not as bad as a lot of people I know.
  3. Self-pampering is in check. I dye my own hair at home-pedicures are a summer-only occasional treat.
  4. I clip coupons and am aware of online specials, i.e. Metro North's Web Ticket for multi-ride trips.
  5. I participate in rewards programs that reward me for purchases I already make.
  6. I consolidate credit-card debt to the lowest possible APR to reduce interest paid on existing debt.
  7. I participate in BookMooch and BookCrossing and the spending on postage is far less than new books. The urge to buy them is mostly under control.
Where I know I need to improve:
  1. "Fastfood" non-food. I.e. the soda on the way into the office (I don't drink coffee). PepsiPoints has made me realise just how much I drink.
  2. Impulse shopping.
  3. Bring/cook my own meals more often.


Kelly from Almost Frugal said...

Thanks for taking up the thread! I think that this is the sort of list that changes with every person, ie for me canceling the gym was absolutely the right decision, because I NEVER went, but obviously it's not the right decision for you. But I couldn't go a month or six weeks without shopping for the staples, so there you go!

Living in NYC said...

I found it a fun challenge, and when I was brushing my teeth I thought of more, like buying generics (some meds) there are others where I won't -I'm a soap snob.

I don't think there's any one list for all the 6bn people in the world, but we can certainly learn from one another as we should. I've added your blog to my reader-I love what I've read so far.