Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Starbucks Gold

the e-mail announcement of this new program isn't going to do much to help me kick the Starbucks habit especially since it's just started to get cold enough to really crave their hot chocolate. That said, I'm pretty good, or I try. I refill my Starbucks card (registered so I can get rewards) when I have the extra funds and try not to buy when I don't have that.

That said, in a sign of the economic times, the Starbucks behind my office closed seemingly overnight. It was there on Friday, I think, or at least Thursday and gone yesterday. I have to walk "all the way" to 51st and Broadway now. I'm actually surprised that one didn't close. Their service is shocking. Both are next to theaters. I need to try some of the others, apparently 54th & BRoadway, 55th & 7th (though I don't like this one). 


Budgets are Sexy said...

Oooooh, that's tight! I'm gonna have to get our company one of those "Gold" cards!!!

Sucky about that Bucks behind you shutting down, i read a list a cple months back w/ all the stores closing, and it was craaaazy seeing all of them - they were massive.

Winter said...


Can you tell me which Starbucks it was that closed?

This is for my website,

Can you e-mail



Living in NYC said...

@ Budgets: I remember that list, just before it came out another I used to use near Grand Central was *poof* gone overnight. I knew this one was closing but I didn't expect it to disappear so quickly. I'm also surprised it was one that closed because most people I knew went there because of the service -- and it was immediately next to the theater. Maybe their rent went up.

I'm torn on SBUX Gold now that I've read more. You can't combine the discounts and I'm as yet uncertain whether it will pay off for me vis-a-vis the trade off of 10% off with Gold and free syrups with Reward.

@ Winter: Interesting site. I've e-mailed you the location.