Saturday, November 1, 2008

Citibank Ultimate Savings Account

Meant to mention this in the last post. I know the Ultimate Savings Account is old news, but I was behind in my reading and didn't know about it until I got the invite from Citibank last week. Most of my emergency fund is in my Citibank E-Savings account, which I opened in late 2005/early 2006 when the rate was about 5%. Of course it had fallen but I hadn't had the time or energy to bank shop and deal with moving it. I like the convenience of everything in one place. I kept the old money market account, linked to my checking, open with $1 in it per their policy.  Now the same thing is about to be with the e-savings. I moved the vast majority to the Ultimate Savings Account and in the four days before the month closed, I earned $3 in interest. I like free money.

I'm also doing my end of the year chasing. Time to close my Citi AA Visa as the annual fee is due and it's not worth $85 to me to keep it open. I don't use it enough. I have the Chase Amazon Visa to use as a backup for places that don't take Amazon... and it's free. 

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